Nutritional Counseling is Available

The foods we will recommend will be geared toward rebuilding cellular structures and
maintaining a healthy level of protection.  While this may be one of the most important long term
changes you can make to improve or maintain health, the effects are not something that will be
seen overnight.  This is where supplementation comes in.  Even though we always begin
restoring health by addressing diet, supplementation may be needed in order to address
deficiencies in the diet or even in an individuals genetic code.

Do we need to Supplement?

In todays fast paced world it is often difficult to feed ourselves and our families nutritious meals
that give us all of the nutrients we need such as vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids,
enzymes and so on.  In addition, modern food processing has stripped some of the nutritional
value from the food we eat.  The land used to grow our crops is so stripped of minerals that we
are only consuming a fraction of the amount of nutrients as our great grandparents.

Toxic substances are finding their ways into most of our foods.  We must not only be concerned
about eating good things, but also about avoiding bad things. So that poses the question, are we
getting sicker because we are getting exposed to all of the toxins in our food and water, or is it
because the food we eat is so nutrient depleted that our immune systems become weak and can't
fight off the toxins that we consume?

Supplementation is not a substitute for proper nutrition.  It does however help insure that we get
all of the nutrients we need in order to function properly.  Supplements can also be used
therapeutically.  When most people have a condition or illness, they take prescription or over the
counter drugs to reduce their symptoms.  This may be appropriate in some cases, but drugs are
often unnecessary.  The serious and numerous side effects from prescription medication should
not be taken lightly.  

With supplementation, our goal is to get you healthy enough so you do not require any
medication.  Your body will have the proper substrate to fuel those biochemical processes to fight
off unwanted illness.  The most common side effects of using proper supplementation is
improved health and a sense of well being.  

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